X-Chat Engineering Bot

This is a GPL X-Chat IRC script I have written that has various functions useful to engineering, especially electrical engineering. Includes PCB trace ampacity, unit conversions, arbitrary precision calculator, and more. It has some advanced options like the ability to limit usage to a particular channel.
It should work in Linux, BSD, or any similar system.


  1. Place script in .xchat or .xchat2.
  2. Edit the script and add the channels you want to enable in the relevant line near the top. If people message you they will get an answer but you will not see them message you.
  3. Insure you have bc, dc, units installed. (See below)
This script requires some external utilities. Most Linux/BSD systems will already have them. You may not. You will need: units, bc, dc


This script makes system shell calls, and while every attempt is made to prevent users from doing anything nasty, that possibility is a real one. It is also possible for users to tie up your system by making requests to the arbitrary precision calculator that result in infinite recursion.

Quick Command Help Summary

Usage: !ampacity <AWG>- Uses functions derived from curve-fitted data to
       judge copper wire ampacity
Usage: !wire <AWG>, gives stats for copper wire of <AWG> size
Usage: !htam <RPNmath> e.g. 1 1 + p
Usage: !traceamp <amps> <ounces> <tempRiseinC>, tells the required tracewidth for copper clad of weight <ounces> to carry <amps> with a max temperature rise of <temprise> over ambient
Usage: !awg <mils>, convert mils to awg
Usage: !traceohms <mil> <oz>, tells ohms of trace <mils> wide on <oz> weight copper clad 
Usage: !units fromunit tounit e.g. 1km mile
Usage: !math <mathstuff> e.g. 1+1


X-Chat Engineering 2.41 Nov 21, 2007
X-Chat Engineering 2.4 Nov 21, 2007
X-Chat Engineering 2.3 Jan 22, 2006
X-Chat Engineering 2.2 Apr 3, 2005

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